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Sharon’s Thoughts: Life is not tidy

Life is not tidy.

A wise woman….let’s call her Dina…told me that. It’s true. At least for me. And that one room in my house that collects flotsam, and jetsam. Also, some lint. It serves its purpose, though, and so does this blog. I find this place a therapeutic way to write about the nerdiness that we as business owners all tend to hide, but carry around with us publicly, nonetheless. That’s funny, no matter who you are. And if you can channel it JUSSST right, it can get good.

These thoughts are about the human-ness that comes with being all professional-like. Whether we are an owner, a founder, a freelancer, or a contractor, we can’t really have one without the other. I intend to find some work/life balance that people love to chatter about. But it comes in the form of writing about the realities of building a business around a passion and then effing it up a hundred different ways. Then getting through those moments to build something worth it. Something that helps others out right along with helping me out.

I can’t get away from being a dork, so I might as well acknowledge it, channel it, and open the space for other dorks to do the same, in their own way. And by dorks, I mean you and me, both. You, professional and put-together business owner who is cool-as-a-cucumber to your clients and staff. You, founder and owner who shuts your door when you can, leaning up against it, heaving your chest up and down as you wonder what the heck you are doing running a business when all you really wanted to do was be a:

  • Plumber
  • Musician
  • Speaker
  • Number Puncher
  • Pet Person
  • Makeup Artist
  • Comedian
  • Builder
  • Designer
  • Foodie
  • Traveler
  • Teacher
  • Writer

person doing what they love. I’m talking to you, those of you who are brave enough, crazy enough, and creative enough to have “Triple S’s”. You’ve Seen Some STUFF in life, and risen from the wreckage with your passion, drive, and commitment intact. You know you’re going to make mistakes. That’s nothing new. But your view of the big picture is so real that mistakes are really just a lesson learned on your path to success.

You risk being a failure, a laughing stock, standing out from the crowd, being left by the crowd, or being a leader that no one follows. You are a business owner because, in spite of the risk, you simply cannot stop being… YOU.

That’s what distinguishes you from the crowd. From the norm. And it is exactly what makes your dorkiness the cool stuff that I relate to. So, I’ll add my perspective here, and feel free to chime in. Life is not tidy when you run a business, my friends, and I’m just the gal to write about it.