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Business Mentality: Dreamer vs Practicality

Now that you know you want to be in business, you need to know what drives you. The WHY drives what role you play to yourself and others. And believe me, it matters.

It’s essential to know why you’re in business. I mean the overall reason. What do you get out of it? To make the world a better place? To right a wrong? To pay your bills and take a vacation when you want? Maybe it’s to get out of the house, or keep yourself busy, or to bring forth an idea whose time has come. Or maybe, it’s as simple as taking over the family business.

Whatever the reason, it must be big enough, powerful enough, and worthwhile enough to overcome the mental exhaustion and anguish that comes right alongside the success and joy of owning and operating a business.

You gotta have a “Why”

You gotta have a “Why” when birthing a business because it’s just too damn difficult to do it for a paycheck down the road. So, what’s a cause that’s bigger than yourself? You’ll need to answer that when explaining your vision. Part of the legwork, then, should also be establishing the mindset of a business owner. Are you a determined Dreamer? Are you Practicality personified? Knowing your reason why, and knowing what mindset drives you is a perfect start to helping others relate to you.

Why your Mindset Matters

Successful businesses started with a vision. A dream. I’m banking that yours did, too. Dreaming big is what got you to risk becoming a business owner in the first place. However, if that’s all you do, then it doesn’t matter what you call yourself; you won’t go further. So be clear about what’s important to you.

  • Dreamers dream of the destination. They are the big-picture people with great ideas and inspirational worldviews. They are needed to get the ball rolling, and essential when the processes of the daily grind make people wonder, “Is this really worth it?” But understand this: Dreamers who dream without a plan of action will cause a lot of chaos and resentment in those who work to implement those dreams. So, if this is you, bring your head out of the clouds long enough to take care of the processes. Otherwise, take those dreams to your diary and go to work for someone else.
  • Process-Minded people love the logistics. They are the how-to people that get you to the journey’s end. They are clear that a set of instructions, clearly defined and duplicatable, is essential for success. However, if they don’t make room for change, growth, and flexibility, they will also cause chaos and resentment, simply by sucking the fun out of your team and office.

You’ll know you are succeeding when you can appreciate, implement, and duplicate a blend of the two practices. Only then is there a worthy goal, with the structure and inspiration to achieve it. Take the time to look at the forest AND the trees. If you can’t develop near- and far-sighted objectives, then your first hunt becomes finding those people who fill the gaps in your personality or experience.

Share Your Vision and Watch to How Get Things Done

Having a realistic set of milestones matters. Your first one is to get into the right mindset. But eventually, you’re gonna have to share. Come out of the closet about what you do and how you do it with enough people that they remember you and your business. The next milestone is to share your vision, your processes, and your methods. Share your story to in order to grow. It’s how customers happen. And experience. And financial validity.

Yep, keep the milestones coming with monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. The truth is that sometimes you’ll hit the goal and sometimes you’ll miss the mark. It’s all part of gaining experience and learning from the blind spots in business.

But here’s the thing. The big picture thing. Nothing truly important ever got accomplished with just one person. Not really. To do big, good, amazing things in life, other people get involved. They just do. And that is a milestone all in itself. Whether you stay local or look to rule the world, you need a team who buys into your plan. Who gets your vision and can help you implement it with drive, grace, and finesse. That means your most important priority at this point is finding really great talent and surrendering to the knowledge that you cannot do it all on your own. Nor should you.

Make your mindset matter. Answer enough questions that clearly define your “Why” and “How” of how you operate. Then, when you run across the people who want your services or to help you build your vision, your role is clearly defined. Throughout this process, you’ll become ready to support a business with a firm foundation, right off the bat. (Hint: Get it done now because if you do your business right, you won’t have time to fix it easily, later!)

What I’ve learned so far, in a nutshell.

What I’ve learned so far is this: It’s all about the #1 goal – Do ONLY the things that ONLY you can do. The rest is for your team to contribute and enhance. So, let them, but as the owner, first I have to give direction and back it up with results. That vision takes both dreaming and practically.

Processes are now a necessary (but un-fun) part of my workday. It’s part of building and telling my business story. Those processes have come as a result of not getting it right the first time. They bubble up as a blind spot that I or my team notice along the way.

Thus, the dream I’m putting into practice, right along with the processes to back them up. Business owners get great content based on their unique story and experiences. They get access to writers, editors, our digital marketing arm, and all aspects of a project at a fair price for quality work. Total transparency, but our clients have clear responsibilities. Invest the time and communication in their project. Be available and enthusiastic about us bringing about their vision. They partner with N-Compass to bring out the extraordinary, which is all about the business owner’s personality and tone.

Dreaming wasn’t enough for me. I needed to be on-point with operations so the writers I brought to the table could do what I do. And it’s still a growing, humbling experience on my end. I said it before, and I stand by it. Nobody brings something good into fruition all by themselves. Once I realized that I could tap into other people’s talents, my world opened. My clients are better served, and so is N-Compass.

How far are you in this process?