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How We’re Different

What’s the point of hiring someone to write for you if they don’t meet with you, find out what you believe in, or care about capturing your own words, image, and direction that your company is going? If you have content needs, you don’t just need a scribe, you need a partner! You need someone who gets you and effectively conveys your best business voice.

Our mission at N-Compass Writing is to provide exceptional content and a superior client experience each time we partner with a business. We accomplish this by forming a solid long-term relationship, earned through ongoing communication and positive results. We become your biggest cheerleaders and aim for you to be ours, as well.

At N-Compass Writing, we do the research up front to find out what others see in your services. Then we work with you to find an effective, long-term solution to your needs. Then, we stay connected to you throughout the initial project and afterward, so you can see progress through reports and analytics. We want a long-term partnership because your business is a long-term business. With long-term needs that change as time goes on.

It takes time to get it right, and not everyone wants to go the extra mile. N-Compass Writing is all about the extra mile. It pays off for our clients. We take that time to become solid promoters because we get to know your company, your story, and your preferences. We make sure we are using your voice to convey the content needs. Then we bring our wordsmithing filter in, blending your raw content and ideas into the best version of your work.

Who We Help

Business owners who want their differentiating factor defined and utilized.

Businesses who want some life breathed into your existing content and story.

People who are part of a really great cause and want it to matter on a larger scale.

You are our people.

N-Compass Writing is all about finding the story. We are fascinated by the business stories that haven’t been shared but are amazing or important nonetheless. If you’re a seasoned business owner, it’s a good bet that you’ve gotten where you are now through a series of unique events, grit, and innovative solutions. And if  your business is still thriving through that, your business story is compelling and opens the space for others to succeed. Those are the stories that should be shared, letting them work as a major differentiating factor.

And we’re just the team to do it.