The Challenge

Ariane needed powerpoint slides for her new workshop, Evolve 360 Health and Fitness Mastery, stat! While a powerful presence in front of an audience and in the gym, she needed some assistance on the back end.

The Solution

We helped Ariane clarify her content, break it down into distinct talking points, and created slides to support and highlight those topics.

I am NOT a tech savvy person. I struggle with even things like Excel and Powerpoint. I have a creative brain, but I learn by doing, not by reading instructions. So when I needed a Powerpoint presentation quickly, I knew I would get bogged down in the details and what should take an hour or two, would end up taking a couple weeks, and end with possibly a bashed in computer screen.

Micah simply asked me what I was after with my finished product in a way I could answer. He asked me simply, “what do you need it to do?”. He then asked me for some basic bullet points and copy, and he glamoured it up and sent me back exactly what I was hoping for, and more!

Ariane Mullen

Evolve with Ariane