The Challenge


InnerBalance needed to get the word out to a wider audience. Although they are already an established resource  in the addiction community, their website was dated and didn’t reflect their unique approach effectively. They enlisted N-Compass Writing to write the content on a website that reflected their goals.


Founder of InnerBalance Health Center, Joe Eisele, wanted a book written that reflected his twenty-year-long addiction journey and the long-term recovery that brought InnerBalance into being. Knowing there are already a lot of addiction and self-help books out there, he wanted a different approach. One that provided education, actionable solutions and hope to the different points of view involved with the addiction community: Addicted IndividualsLoved Onescaught up on The Addiction Train, and those Medical/Legal Professionals who treat Addicted Individuals. He needed the book to address the message that there is a different way to do addiction, but as the Clinical Director for the center, Joe didn’t have the time or skillset to write his message effectively.

The Solution


N-Compass became their cheerleader in the cause. We provide the content and blogging services for a website that communicates their relevance accurately, showcases their professionality and customer service, and highlights the unique approach that InnerBalance Health Center takes to provide relief and lasting solutions for the thousands of success stories they already have under their belt. We worked with office and medical staff, as well as the owner, Joe Eisele, to create ongoing content that makes it easy for people to get the valuable answers they need. We did this by providing content addressing all three voices of the addiction community: PatientsLoved Ones and Medical Professionals.


Joe chose N-Compass Writing to work closely with him to bring this important project into reality. Over the last nine months, we’ve completed a manuscript that provides an interesting, compelling and workable solution to the questions Joe has already answered for decades:

  1. Addicted Individuals- “If I can’t use drugs/alcohol to solve my problems, then WHAT do I use as an effective substitute to numb the pain when white-knuckling isn’t working?”
  2. Loved Ones- “Why does it take so long before they come to their senses and get help?”
  3. Medical Professionals- “What else can we do to help, before, during, and after the process, to ensure a better success rate of long-term recovery cases?”

The project is in the editing/publishing phase and will be available for purchase in Summer, 2018.

You’re more than business contractors. It’s a friendship and a partnership.

Joe Eisele

Owner, Inner Balance Health Center

Book Excerpt

A featured excerpt from the Addiction Services book, co-authored by Joe Eisele & Sharon Montgomery.

It may be that you’re feeling some of the shell-shock and aftermath she feels, or maybe you have a loved one who’s soldiering on because of the chaos in your life. Either way, it’s time to explain a bit about the Perfect Storm that just made landfall in your life. But what defines a perfect storm? Let’s look at some historical characteristics.

Perfect storms don’t simply happen. These fierce phenomena don’t just “appear.” A multitude of factors must line up, just-so, in order for the elements to intensify the result. It’s the difference between severe weather and a catastrophic situation. And because perfect storms are so destructive, causing fallout to so many communities around the world, an entire industry has risen up to tackle the problem.

Perfect storms wreak havoc in the medical field as well. Scientists, surgeons, and visionaries in the medical community have devoted eons to predicting those specific indicators that create medical calamity. They studied the plagues that decimated populations, wiping out generations of families and loved ones. They considered bacterial diseases like Leprosy, which terrified the public and shunned those very people who were most in pain and vulnerable to the devastation. The perfect storms throughout our medical past birthed research, direction, and life-saving techniques we now use every day.

It’s astounding, then, that the Addiction Community has so little information on how to effectively treat a person who has turned to drugs/alcohol. Curiosity about the chemical is not the only factor that brings a person to potential ruin. It’s not even the first. Factoring in trauma, loneliness, peer pressure, DNA, or any number of other indicators that bring about a “perfect storm” of elements in that person’s life are rarely taken into consideration right off the bat. But fear, misinformation, and the uncomfortable hope that “it will all just go away” (both by the addicted person and their loved ones) abound in those initial stages.

The aftermath is a culture of shame, blame, and stigma. Loneliness and isolation fester while families are torn apart. Loved ones are traumatized right along with the addicted person. Prisons are full of individuals convicted of crimes resulting directly from the consequences of addiction. It’s more than a tragedy. It’s our community’s ongoing catastrophe. These results are just as hazardous as any in the medical or atmospheric realm.

So many factors contribute to the perfect storm of an addicted individual. But if you are the loved one of an addicted person, or think you may be addicted to drugs or alcohol yourself, you already know this. You are in for a crazy ride. Because once the perfect storm has made landfall, you immediately have an uncomfortable choice in front of you. Either take a look at things as they are, accepting that things are now different. Or stay put, right where you are. Frozen, resentful, distracting, or denying. The choice is up to you. Which leads me to a question or two that I hear repeatedly:

“Why do we have to fall so far down before hitting bottom?” It’s one of the first questions an addict asks when coming into our center. Their loved ones ask the same thing. That question is followed quickly by, “Is there really help???”

People, this is a big deal. You need answers. This book is one of many possible directions to go in order to get your answers. It’s based on decades of research, as many other resources are. But along with the research, this book brings decades of experience, factual explanations, and tangible results to the equation. And if you’re like so many other members of the addiction community, that’s more than enough to keep reading.