The Challenge

Mountain Peace Shelter is an emergency shelter for people experiencing Domestic/Intimate Partner violence. The goal was to elevate their public image by reflecting professionalism and caring, providing helpful and readable information about their organization to the public.The old website was informational but lacked the warmth and heart message that they wanted to convey to the public. The website needed a call to action, to be updated, and to incorporate a professional look and feel - especially the "About Us"“Donations”“Volunteer”“Awareness”, and “Education pages”.

The Solution

N-Compass writers created original content as well as wordsmithing old information to create that atmosphere of warmth. All of the writing was designed to help people feel a sense of hope. The intent of this project was to inform the public about what the shelter does and why, give kudos to the community members that are already volunteering and donating, and then invite more people to get involved with a clear call to action message. These goals were accomplished with the new writing material. N-Compass was also able to complete a bio for MPS Executive Director, Lori Cuno.

Thanks to N-Compass Writing for providing wonderful content for our new and improved website! They did a delightful job of meeting our goals. During the project, we had to move our project deadlines up a bit and we were accommodated without question. In the end, we had very few edits to make because the first drafts of work submitted were nearly perfect. Looking forward to working with N-Compass Writing again on future projects!

Donna Thornton

Crisis Advocate and Resource Development