The Challenge

Sharon Trilk (founder of MMT) was looking for some heart pieces to add to her well-established and booming website, an informational source for locals of the Mountain Town region of Colorado, as well as those who were interested in that region.

She asked N-Compass Writing to do an ongoing monthly Feature Article piece highlighting life in the My Mountain Town region, writing about the people, places, and events that popped up in the area.

The Solution

N-Compass Writing works as a long term partnership with MMT to provide personalized heart pieces to interest and inform both the locals in the area and those “newbies” who wonder, “What’s up there, anyway?” This has resulted in tripling MMT’s views within the first 2 months, and providing significantly more opportunities for subscription partnerships.

Working with the N-Compass Writing team has been an absolute joy! I was looking for a gifted writer, one who could capture the fun, enlighten us on our history, share what made our communities unique and special, and highlight the unsung heroes who get things done behind the scenes for the better for our mountain towns. N-Compass has hit that mark time and again.

Since we started our Mountain Secrets Blog, viewership and membership have increased significantly. Their articles garner much interest and engagement, and our community has asked for more. We are thrilled to partner with N-Compass Writing and can’t wait to see where she takes us next!

Sharon Trilk

My Mountain Town

Article Excerpt

[…] I had the opportunity to meet with Emily’s parents and get a feel for the dignity and grace that followed. Although the tragedy was real and is still keenly felt, this story is about what happened AFTER the tragedy hit. And friends, this is where the community​ that My Mountain Town is so incredibly proud to be a part of stepped up.

Emily’s parents, Ellen Stoddard-Keyes and John-Michael Keyes, tapped into a perfect storm to channel their grief into a gift that keeps on giving. Because of John-Michael’s background in computer coding and Ellen’s background in running an ad agency, copywriting, and managing a government contract for Access Control, they had the skills and background to make a difference […]