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Ghost Writing

Do you have the knowledge and experience to share something powerful, but lack the time or know-how to turn it into a book? Extraordinary projects succeed through great collaboration. Sometimes you’ve gotta have some assistance in making your vision a reality. It’s time to find yourself a solid teammate. N-Compass Writing blends your voice with our writing to create a compelling story.

You get to bring your idea to the perfect audience. We get to partner with an extraordinary individual. THAT, my friend, is a WIN/WIN.

Ghost writing is a collaborative project to write about life events, a biography, a book or articles, or other  opportunities to work with extraordinary people or ideas.  Some examples of ghost writing projects could include:

  • Ghostwritten Article
  • Ghostwritten Book
  • Guest Article
  • Collaborative Project
  • Consulting, Research, and/or Editing

By their nature, ghost writing projects are special and therefore need to be priced on a project by project basis.