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Ali Scordato

Ali comes from a creative background. She graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Theatre and a minor in English, and no clear path set before her. Sometime during her tenure at CSU, a trusted professor gave her a note in her advanced acting class that stated “I think you’re too smart to be an actor”. At the time, Ali was offended (perhaps rightfully so). But with time comes perspective, and she now recognizes the wisdom in that note. Dreams of performing on the world’s largest stages are long forgotten, but the creative passion remains.

Near the end of her time at CSU, Ali discovered directing and fell in love. Unwittingly, this outlet for melding her creative energy with a passion for organizing and leadership lead the way for her professional life. Ali excels at list-making and to-do checking, and enjoys it to boot! She loves the clarity of a well-built schedule and the satisfaction of knowing that her role helps others stay on track and sane.

When a project is in Ali’s hands, you can trust that it’s going to get done. She will take the stress off of your shoulders and place it onto hers to make sure that your project is completed on time and with ample communication along the way.

When not at work, Ali is an avid knitter and crocheter, a lover of board games, and the baker of the best chocolate chip cookies west of the Mississippi. Whenever possible, she loves to hike in our stunning Colorado scenery with her fiance and their dog, Flynn.