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Caitlin Berve

Dedicated to writing and editing stories, Caitlin enjoys watching a blank page become another world, building upon a rough draft, and polishing a piece until it shines. At N-Compass Writing, she writes blogs, website content, and biographies to help businesses tell their stories.

In a previous life, she was a clinical allergy specialist with a biochemistry degree intent on attending medical school. Then, she wrote her first novel and transformed her passion for reading into a career as a writer. She firmly believes her rejection from medical school was one of the best things that has happened to her and applies the detail-orientation, drive, and self-discipline she developed in pursuit of a medical degree to her writing.

Caitlin holds a MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics from Naropa University, coordinates for the Boulder Writers Alliance, and owns Ignited Ink Writing, LLC, a freelance novel editing business based in Broomfield, CO. Her writing has appeared in multiple literary and art magazines, including the April 2017 edition of Ghost Parachute online. If you’re looking for a writer to transform your “about me” website page from a simple history to your engaging story or to create blogs readers remember, then N-Compass Writing and Caitlin are for you.