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Erin Zimmer

Erin Zimmer was an avid reader from childhood. When she was in elementary school, she asked her mom to sign a blank piece of paper. Being a smart and savvy, her mom refused. When asked why she wanted the signature, Erin confessed she was going to write a note so she could spend recesses reading in the library.

Her love of the written word served her well during the rest of her education and translated into understanding the power of writing in business communications. After years of working in Higher Education as an Educational Technologist for online courses, she moved into print as an editor at a magazine. With her promotion into Editor-in-Chief, she expanded into helping others craft their writing voice too.

For the past nine years, Erin has worked as a professional writing coach, specializing in communication with a powerful voice that reaches to a business’s ideal audience. Some of her accomplishments include being the editor for a first time author whose book received a national gold medal from the Independent Publisher National Book Award. One of her clients submitted a piece for publication and was accepted on the same day as submission.

Another of her clients was so successful with their independently published book, it was picked up for a second edition by a national publisher. For those familiar with the challenges of sending articles, website content, etc through the compliance review for financial advisors, you will appreciate the accomplishment that she coached writers through the process so that not just once, but twice, full-length articles went through compliance without a single change.

When not online adding new books to her Kindle Paperwhite, Erin likes to dabble in watercolors. This is a relatively new hobby, so she appreciates all the kind words from family and friends when she shows them her latest “paintings”.