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Jennifer Tanaka

Jennifer’s passion for the written word was inspired by her mother who is a high school English teacher as well as an avid reader and writer. When her mother was published, Jennifer was hooked. It became her goal to follow her mother’s footsteps and become a writer as well.

Her favorite part about writing is the powerful influence words have on human beings, and it is her goal to always use words to inspire others to choose the path of positivity and motivate her readers to connect. Jennifer specializes in the “Heart Pieces,” from feature articles to making a bio more accessible to the general public by bringing out the heart of the person.

Curiosity about people is what makes Jennifer good at what she does. Travelling and experiencing new cultures is a passion as well and this is what inspired her to get her BA in Anthropology. Jennifer believes that it is the differences that make human beings so unique and she always keeps this in mind when she is writing.

Relationships with others has always been a focal point for Jennifer and she has spent a significant portion of her adult life working in social services to advocate for children with mental health and addiction issues. She shared that when we care for the vulnerable in our communities, we make the future a better place for all.

As the eldest of six children, and the aunt of ten nieces and nephews, family has always been a big part of Jennifer’s life. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors, the arts and is currently writing her first novel.