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Sharon Montgomery

Sharon has loved compelling stories for as long as she can remember. Since Kindergarten, Sharon has known that she wanted to see the world. There was a great big community outside of her small town, and she wanted to get to know it in person.

For years, her main adventure was being a stay-at-home mom and wife. So she wrote about that. And loved a lot about it. But those years ended and her kids are older now.

Her travel bug never left, though. Neither did her curiosity for adventure. It came out in writing, and in 2015, she was challenged to do it for a living. She first became a freelance writer, and when the opportunity came a year later to travel half a world away in New Zealand, Sharon jumped at the chance. It was her best adventure to date, and she was immersed in the joy of experiencing beautiful people, stunning scenery, and a worthy cause.

After this journey, Sharon went from a freelance writer to a business owner when she formed N-Compass Writing Services, LLC. She decided to develop her company to give writers a place to feel valued for the hard work, creativity and grit it takes to get to the heart of the matter in writing for someone else.

Sharon loves connecting with people, business owners, freelancers, and people who are a part of a really great cause. Those are her people. She connects organically when she travels around the country, and she works with her writers to do the same thing.

Sharon explains, “My next adventure is my everyday adventure. Because it still comes down to connection, discovering a really great story, and making it count. Isn’t that what we all want, anyway?”