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Vaughn Johnson

Vaughn’s passion for the written word began at a very early age. He started reading at the age of three and never stopped. He devoured both fiction and nonfiction books alike, fostering a love of learning about a wide range of topics. As a kid, Vaughn’s answer to the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” changed on a weekly if not daily basis. This led to his passion for writing because if he couldn’t be a fireman-cowboy-nuclear physicist-rockstar, he could at least write about them.

The love of storytelling led Vaughn to earn a BFA in Film Production and enter the wild world of animation, where he worked for Disney and other major studios. This led him to the toy industry, where he became a copywriter for advertising, packaging and even writing scripts for interactive toys, (when your kid’s favorite toy won’t shut up late at night, you know now who to thank!)

Vaughn’s love of technical and creative storytelling has driven his passion for helping people take their ideas and craft them into a compelling narrative that catches readers imaginations and builds customer bases. He is especially good at taking highly technical subjects and distilling them into terms that the average reader can understand and appreciate without falling asleep.

Along with writing, Vaughn loves to travel, build computers and treasure hunt in flea markets and garage sales (he is also a savvy eBay seller!) He loves to spend time with his wife, son and their three fur-babies in Denver, Colorado.